Frequent questions

What payment types are accepted?
You can pay for your transport either with visa, master card, bank transfer or at our offices.

Can I request a child restraint system?
The child restraint system will be offered on request and will always be subject to availability and technical characteristics of the vehicle. In vehicles that have three-point belts can be used infant and baby safety seats and adapted children seats. In the case that the bus only comes with just two-point belts we can offer a special safety restraining harness for children in the range of 15- 25 kg. If you want to guarantee three-point belts we recommend you hire the private service.

What kind of luggage can I take¬¬?
You can bring one handluggage and two suitcases up to 25 kg. Baby seat and folding wheelchairs, are not considered as extra luggage. For any other types of luggage, please contact us to see availability and the rate.

I left my luggage on the bus, what can I do?
Get in touch with our office during opening hours or call our emergency telephone number, give us the description of the object and transfer details. The expenses caused by the loss of any property are on your responsibility. We will do our best to find the lost object. We will confirm when you can come and pick up your belongings if found. Marianne tours cannot be held responsible for the not found belongings or extra costs.

Can I bring my pet on the bus?
You cannot bring your pet on a shuttle service. We can offer you a private transport. In this case your pet has to travel in a homologated cage closed under your responsibility. Please contact us for more information. If it is a guide dog then it can go in the bus next to its owner.

What do I have to at the airport arrival?
When you make the reservation you will automatically receive a confirmation via email, with all the information for your arrivals and departures. If for some reason you haven`t received the email (in case there has been an error in our system or it was deleted as a spam), please contact our customer service.

What happens if I don´t find the bus driver?
We have our desk on the arrival floor, as you cross the first door once you have your luggage, you first find all the people waiting. Well our desk is straight ahead between the elevators, we also send a map on the confirmation email. If the bus driver is not at the desk please wait for him there, he will be back in short. Don´t worry if you are not at the desk on time, our bus driver will call you and you also have the emergency telephone number you can call 24h.

My flight has a delay, what do I do?
Don´t worry we are constantly tracking all the planes we are expecting, and we will do everything possible so that you arrive at your final destination. See conditions.

Can I reorganize my shuttle if my flight has been delayed?
It’s convenient that you contact us as soon as possible. We will try to reorganize your trip.

I’m not staying in any hotel, can the bus take me to a private destination?
We have a number of established bus stops for our shuttle so you can choose one nearby your destination. In case you prefer to be dropped off at the private address you can choose the personal stop or a private service, under condition the bus has access.