Terms and administrative conditions of reservations

The following administrative terms are applied to contracts arranged by VIATGES MARIANNE TOURS S.L. as agent provider for transfers between the starting points and destinations specified in the written confirmation issued by MARIANNE TOURS, which is the trade name of www.mariannetours.com. References to "you" and "your" in these terms and administrative conditions means for all passengers listed in the confirmation (including any person who is replaced or added at a later date).

"We", "us" and "our" means VIATGES MARIANNE TOURS S.L.


1.1 VIATGES MARIANNE TOURS S.L. is a limited company registered in Spain, with main office at the address Avenida del Albir 15, 03581 Albir, Alfaz del pi Alicante, Spain, and whose trading address is the same as the address above. The registration number is CV-m841-A and its VAT registration number is B54100300.

2. STATUS OF THE PASSENGER (S) AND THEIR AGENTS The buyer of the services specified in the written confirmation (the "passenger") and all other passengers listed in the written confirmation are the "other party" in the contract with the designated supplier. If the contract is made by an agent, or any other person acting on behalf of passengers whose names are contained in the written confirmation, that agent or other person acts as agent of the passengers.

3. BOOKING AND PAYMENT 3.1 Reservations can be made online at www.mariannetours.com, by phone, by e-mail:mail@mariannetours. or personally in our office during our opening hours. When two or more persons are included in the same reservation, it will be considered that the person making the booking has done so on behalf of both or all members of the group, and he or she accepts these terms and administrative conditions on behalf of yourself and of each member of the group. The person responsible for group must be at least 18 years old.

3.2 To book online, the main passenger must follow all the process necessary for the correct registration of the reservation.

3.3 A The total payment is required at the time of booking. After receiving the receipt of such payment, VIATGES MARIANNE TOURS S.L. will process the booking and will issue, by E-mail, the confirmation with the details of the people involved in the booking and booked transfers. Written confirmation acts as a 'ticket' and must be presented to the representative of MARIANNE TOURS, both for trips of arrival or departure. A legally binding contract is created between the main passenger (and all passengers listed in the confirmation in writing), and the supplier when you process the payment and send us written confirmation.

3.3.B Mean while Marianne Tours online booking engine is under construction, the conditions of confirmation and valid payments will be: Booking confirmation:

All bookings made (always if it is transport that we cover and is within our path, everything else stays on request) with a minimum of 3 working days will be automatically confirmed. We will send e-mail confirmation with payment as soon as possible, IMPORTANT: if you do not receive this confirmation with payment details there may have occurred an error and must contact our office to guarantee your transport.

Payment can be made in our bank accounts in Spain and Norway or via card with express authorization of the cardholder or cash/cards in one of our offices in Spain. IMPORTANT: All booked transportation with Marianne Tours must be paid when making the reservation, in case of payment by bank transfer payment must be with a maximum of 24 hours after making the reservation.

All reservations that are made by page web/mail/telephone non-direct flights from/to Norway to/from the airports of Alicante, Valencia * Murcia * will be not guaranteed with our shared service, and always on request. We cover all airports and flights with our private shuttle, under request, contact our reservation Department for more information.

3.3. C Information and payment details:

All booked transportation with Marianne Tours must be paid before the date of travel, if you have not paid before the trip, the reservation is automatically cancelled Alternative 1: Payment to the bank account in Norway in crowns, the company will apply the change of the day more service fee Marianne Tours
Åfjord Sparebank
Account number: 43451155858 It is important to indicate on the payment the name of the person travelling and the date of travel.

The payment has to be in Norwegian crowns and the total sum of payment is provided by the company.

Supporting document must be send by email to the company.

All payments that do not meet these requirements cannot be processed and the booking will not be confirmed (bank draft and snap cash do not give information about who makes the payment)

Alternative 2: Payment to the Spanish bank account in Euro

Viatges Marianne Tours S.l


Bank account: 0081 0673 14 000 1227130

Iban: ES25 00810673140001227130


It is important to indicate the payment in the name of the person travelling and the date of travel.

Payment must be in euro and the total sum of payment is given by the company.

Supporting document must be send by email to the company.

All payments that do not meet these requirements may not process and the reservation will be not be confirmed

All discounts and supplements are included in the price that the company gives.

Alternative 3:

Payment with card in Marianne Tours Office with express written permission of the cardholder or payment in cash.

3.4 All payments made are only refundable in the case of cancellations or changes before 3 working days communicated by email in advance from Monday to Friday not including weekends or official holidays.


Cancellation: before 72 working hours of the departure of the transport is refunded totally via bank transfer or card (valid only for transport "transfer/flybuss". Private transport, excursions, transfers etc check with the company the conditions).

* Cancellations within 72 working hours of departure will not be refunded.

Changes: 72 hours before departure without cost. Less than 72 hours before departure up to 24 hours before departure (always before closure of our office) can be changed with a penalty of 50% of the value of the ticket.

Within 24 hours before the trip changes cannot be. You must book and pay for a new ticket.

IMPORTANT: Marianne Tours is not responsible for strikes and cancellations of airline companies, as well as diseases/accidents that may result in the change or cancellation of the transportation.


Marianne Tours will do everything possible to ensure our passengers a service when the plane arrival is delayed without extra cost. Also there may be delays in our bus service (even in cases you may have to wait for our next available service) if the flight comes with delay and may affect our routes and functioning. Marianne Tours will not compensate or reimburse delays caused by airline delays. Passengers who choose to travel by other means of transportation will do it at its own risk without possibility of refund of transport originally booked with us nor transport who choose to use in these cases by their own choice.


Marianne Tours waits maximum 1-hour after the arrival of the flight if there is no special cases of delay of baggage or similar. Marianne Tours is who makes the decision when the bus leaves the airport after the waiting time even if the passenger has not attended to our counter/driver.

IMPORTANT: The passenger must turn on its mobile as soon as the airline allows it so the guard of Marianne Tours can contact the passenger.

Marianne Tours will contact all passengers who have not presented at the counter/driver and communicated when the bus leaves the airport. If the passenger does not have mobile phone turned on or operating or does not respond, the Marianne Tours company will not be responsible and the decision on the departure of the bus from the airport and there will be no refund.

3.5 Its the main passenger (or agent, or any other person acting on behalf of passengers whose names are contained in the confirmation in writing) the responsibility to check the booking details on the voucher before the travel and report to MARIANNE TOURS as soon as possible if there are any errors. Neither MARIANNE TOURS, nor any third party of our agreement is held responsible for errors in services due to incorrect information provided at the time of the booking. 3.6 A Confirmation of pick up hours: is essential that passengers confirm their hours of pickup through access to the profile of your reservation in www.mariannetours.com or reply to the SMS received from MARIANNE TOURS. In the event that customer has not made the booking directly, your agent or commercial partner of MARIANNE TOURS will be responsible for access to the online platform www.mariannetours.com to consult the hours of pickup of your customer and facilitate this final passenger. MARIANNE TOURS will not be responsible for the lack of communication from the hours of pickup to the final passenger by its commercial partners, the latter being responsible for any expenses or damage that this may lead to the final passenger. MARIANNE TOURS declines any responsibility in the case of bookings made through their commercial partners.

3.6. B Marianne Tours online booking engine is under construction, so the confirmation of the pickup hours will be send via sms.

Marianne Tours will send a sms with all the details of the collection and must respond via sms to your phone: 0034651841093 (never directly to the sms from the phone that sends). You must respond with name, site collection and time.

If you have not received the sms with the pickup time or if there is an error of hour or stop, you must immediately notify it by telephone the company.

We ask our customers that occur at your stop 5 minutes before the pickup time.


Marianne Tours does not guarantee the availability of children restraint systems 3-point safety belt system on all our buses. We have now a new homologated restraining system harness for children from 15-25 kg. Any passenger travelling with a child or baby and want to have a special chair of baby / child we recommend the private transport where we do guarantee it.

IMPORTANT: when you are travelling with babies or children you have to give us the details of their age and weight when you are making your reservation.


5.1 Shuttles: shuttle service has reduced cost for children aged 3 to 12, as well as for babies under 3 years old. The ages of children and babies have to be given necessarily when making the reservation of service.

5.2 Taxis and private transfers: all children and infants count for the occupation of the vehicle, regardless the age, they should therefore be included in the total number of passengers at the time of booking.


Shared shuttle service only guarantees the transport of folding wheelchairs in their vehicles and requires the user to be able to climb up the steps of the vehicle. It is necessary that passengers notify MARIANNE TOURS of this extra baggage at the time of booking.

In the case of fix wheelchairs or total disability, MARIANNE TOURS cannot guarantee transport in the shared service "shuttle". We only guarantee the service with an adapted vehicle when it is a private transport assuming this cost extra.

We do not accept the carriage of electric wheel chairs; adapted private vehicles are available for these services and must be booked in advance.


7.1 A number of emergency 24-hour English / Spanish speaking available for all passengers on the day of arrival or departure. 0034 651 841 093. 7.2 Modifications or cancellations for free provided as long as the cancellation deadlines are as set in point 3.4.

7.3 Modifications or cancellations outside the period specified in point 3.4 lead the non-return of the amount paid.


8.1 Cancellations or modifications communicated by writing before 3 working days (72 hours) from Monday to Friday not including weekends or holiday’s official will be reimbursed.

All those cancellations or modifications communicated in this deadline will result in the payment of 100% of the service and therefore not subject to reimbursement or refund.


All reservations must be registered in advance minimum 2 working days (48 hours) from Monday to Friday not including weekends or official holidays. We recommend to perform the booking of transport with a least 2 working days (48h) form Monday to Friday not including weekends or official holidays to have your place guaranteed.


The entire luggage must be clearly labelled with the owner's name and the destination address. Each passenger whose name is contained in the reservation can take with him in transfers up to three pieces of luggage, i.e. two bags that must not exceed 70 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm weight maximum 25 kilos and one piece of hand luggage. The carriage of baggage exceeding these size and weight will depend on the space available in the boot and can be rejected or lead to a charge extra. In the event that a passenger requires carriage of baggage in excess of this provision (e.g., bags that exceed the maximum size allowed, skis, golf clubs, snowboards, folding wheelchairs, chairs for babies, etc.) this should be reported on the day of making the reservation. Any extra luggage not reported at the time of making the reservation will have an additional charge / and not guaranteed.

10.1 The transport of dogs and cats must be on the private transports, always with reservation made beforehand, on request. Marianne Tours is sorry to say that we don't have the possibility of taking animals on all buses since we can only travel with animals in hold and not inside the bus, and not all Marianne Tours buses have luggage compartment. Marianne Tours advises people travelling with animals to reserve private transportation.

Luggage must be sufficiently strong to withstand the treatment of normal enter and take from the hold and bus trailer. Our drivers take and deliver the luggage, but the passenger is responsible for receiving their own luggage, check before delivering to the driver if there is damage to baggage claim directly to the driver. Marianne Tours is not liable for baggage damaged or lost once delivered and the claim is not presented at the same Act.

Marianne Tours is not responsible for items lost on board the bus. We cannot guarantee the security of items lost/forgotten on the bus.

Always keep your valuables located and guarded, and check that you have everything before leaving the vehicle.

Luggage and objects lost/forgotten will be delivered in the office of Marianne Tours in Albir. The passenger can go to collect it in the office. Marianne Tours recommends speaking with the staff of the office so that they give you best day/time to pick up the lost luggage/object.

Marianne Tours cannot take the objects/luggage lost to another site that is not our office.

Passengers carried the wrong luggage shall be responsible for expenses incurred with the shipments/deliveries to the correct address or in our office in Albir in opening hours.

Special baggage and extras, each way:

Extra luggage: 3 euros

Golf bag: 5 euros

Bike/bike box: 12 euros


11.1 The designated supplier, their drivers and agents appointed, including VIATGES MARIANNE TOURS S.L. has the right to refuse to carry any passenger with clear signs of being under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substances and/or whose behaviour is considered to pose a threat to the driver, the vehicle or other passengers. In this case MARIANNE TOURS will have every right to deny service to the passenger without having the right to return or compensation.

11.2 It is not allowed the consumption of drinks or foods by passengers in each vehicle offered in the airport shuttle service. As it is not allowed smoking inside any of the vehicles. All vehicles provided by the suppliers are fully insured for passenger and third party claims as required by local law. The passenger’s luggage is, however, carried entirely at their own risk and MARIANNE TOURS will not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage caused by a wrong manipulation by the passengers. VIATGES MARIANNE TOURS S.L. is not responsible for those costs or expenses relating to the return of items forgotten or lost by passengers.

11.3 VIATGES MARIANNE TOURS S.L. will not be responsible for the loss of flights or other transportation by passengers in the event of delays, cancellations or changes in routes planned by the companies of flights, or by the passenger not being at the notified time for pickup on departure flights. MARIANNE TOURS will not incur any liability in such cases.

11.4 In the case of customers who have pre-booked private transfers, they must provide the full address at the time of the booking. MARIANNE TOURS will not be responsible for any incident in the service due to the lack or non-availability of full address that the customer has not provided properly.

11.5 Shuttle transport from and to the airport are the destinies that are registered in the platform online destinations from www.mariannetours.com. Except those which are the stop service at an address provided by the customer at the time of making the reservation, which shall be taken into account as follows: 1. In some destinations and depending on the used vehicle, service cannot guarantee the stop/pickup in the provided exact address, reason by which the client should move to the point of collection that will be informed. MARIANNE TOURS tries to always make pick-ups stops at the closest as possible and that it does not pose a huge mismatch for the rest of the service.

2. Due to specific restrictions, such as infrastructure, conditions of traffic, etc., MARIANNE TOURS cannot guarantee stop/collection in the provided exact address, reason by which the client should move to the point of collection that is informed. MARIANNE TOURS try to always make pick-ups stops at the closest possible and that it does not pose a huge mismatch for the rest of the service.

3. Transfer times are approximate and depend on the traffic and the number of stops on the route.

4. Airport pick-up shuttle service combines the arrival of several flights and has a maximum waiting time of 45 minutes between the different times of arrival of the combined flights. So the customer will have to wait if there is a combined plan of arrivals with yours.

11.6 MARIANNE TOURS S.L. accepts no responsibility for any difficulty or null service where customers do not have the documentation (ticket) to show to the driver of the service, as well as non-compliance with any of the rules described in this document which is provided to the customer along with the reservation.

11.7 The following are examples of circumstances of majeure force, which are not under our control and therefore exempt from any responsibility:

• Traffic accidents causing delays in service
• Exceptional or severe weather conditions
• Compliance with requests of the police
• Deaths and accidents on the road
• Vandalism and terrorism
• Unforeseen traffic delays
• Industrial action by third parties
• Problems caused by other customers
• Other circumstances affecting passenger safety
• Closures of roads due to local festivals and other events
• Properties that are not accessible to the type of service reserved
• Natural circumstances, floods, earthquakes, avalanches, or any other natural disaster
• Epidemic or pandemic
• War, threat of war or similar
• Fire or explosion
• Terrorist attack or unrest.

11.8 VIATGES MARIANNE TOURS S.L. is not responsible for failure or delay in the performance of any of our obligations under these terms and conditions which lead to a situation of majeure force.

12 liabilities

12.1 VIATGES MARIANNETOURS S.L. has the duty to select vehicles or providers of transportation services skilled and reasonably. Not having any liability to the customer in relation to the effective transportation services delivery (unless it is proven that is has breached the duty of carefully selecting the third party supplier and that loss or damage was suffered as a result).

12.2 VIATGES MARIANNETOURS S.L. as well as each of the companies providing shuttle services subcontracted by us, we exclude all liability for any loss or damage suffered by the passenger (including any loss or direct, indirect, punitive or consequential damages, or any loss of revenue, profits, data, contracts, or loss or damage arising in any way with the business disruption, loss of opportunity, loss of anticipated savings, wasted time of office and whether in grievance (including negligence), contract or otherwise, even in negligence) in connection with your booking; shuttle services; and / or use of the website.

12.3 Excludes all representations and warranties related to the services that have not been stipulated by MARIANNE TOURS with the part through representative contract agreement in written contract and protected by applicable law.

12.4 Our responsibility with each passenger, except in cases of death or serious personal injury, is limited to a maximum of twice the cost of the reserve of each passenger shuttle services.

12.5 None of these administrative terms and conditions excludes or limits our liability to the passenger for any of your other legal rights as a consumer that may not be excluded or limited.

12.6 VIATGES MARIANNE TOURS S.L. has the right to reject, cancel or reject any order placed by the customer. VIATGES MARIANNE TOURS S.L. does not guarantee the allocation of transportation for each request for booking or flight not covered in its path. As VIATGES MARIANNE TOURS S.L. are unable to assign transportation service to your booking request, will send you an email to inform you of this fact and provide a possible alternative transport which may include additional charges or assume a different rate.

12.7. Occasionally our website may contain errors, once we detect them will make the appropriate modifications to correct them as soon as possible. Should appear incorrect prices and promotions, VIATGES MARIANNE TOURS S.L. reserves the right to cancel the reservation and will proceed to refund the amount paid by the customer, giving for cancelled the service.


In the experience of suffering any problems during the service, the passenger has obligation to report properly to MARIANNE TOURS by email mail@mariannetours.com within a maximum period of 5 days from the event. VIATGES MARIANNE TOURS S.L. shall have sole discretion to decide what to do with your complaint and this will have a period up to 1 month to respond.

14. INSURANCE We advise all our passengers to hire a policy of travel insurance which covers a wide range of contingencies and situations during his trip, which include the cancellation, delay, loss and breakage of luggage, accidents and health problems, while the passengers travel. It is full responsibility of the passenger to ensure that the contracted insurance coverage is adequate for the trip and adequate for your particular needs. We recommend that you read carefully the details of your insurance policy contract and keep them with you at all times and before any unforeseen.

Marianne Tours complies with all insurance required by the law of the passengers and the bus fleet. Marianne Tours has a lot of importance for the safety passenger and the compliance of the rest of our drivers.

Practical transport information shared from Marianne Tours:

Arrival Alicante Airport:
The passenger has to contact Marianne Tours desk at Alicante Airport and present to our representative who will inform you the number of the parking where the bus is.
Our desk is located about 30 meters from the sliding exit door of arrivals (where people expected) after pick up the luggage. The counter Marianne Tours has over a green sign with the name written. Please look at Alicante Airport and our counter simulated drawing.
IMPORTANT: turn on the phone to contact if necessary.
IMPORTANT: tell us if any delay of luggage occur etc.

Marianne Tours route:
Marianne Tours covers all direct flights from/to Norway from Alicante, Murcia * Valencia * and shared bus to Benidorm, Villajoyosa, Albir, L'alfas del Pi and Altea as zone 1 zone included 2 La Nucia, Polop.Mascarat, Altea Hills, Altea la Vella as regular sites.

Also Marianne Tours covers all airports, destinations and flights with private transportation such as:
Calpe, Moraira, Denia, Alicante South (La Zenia, Torrevieja, La Manga etc) Private transportation must be booked in advance and is on request.


When the passenger chooses a "personal" stop private address (any stop which is outside our official stops count as personal) we will stop as close as possible to the address/website reserved by the passenger. If you are unsure if the bus can reach their stop personal consultation with our office if we can take you to the chosen stop. Supplements for night shifts / personal stops

All arrivals and departures of the routes that we cover with our bus shared/from 2130 - 0700 (arrivals) 0000-0900 (departures) has a night supplement
All the stops that are outside our official stops have a supplement


If any regulation or part of any of those contained in this document of terms and administrative conditions were listed by any court or authority of jurisdiction competent as illegal, invalid or unenforceable, such regulation or part of this it will be considered as invalid and shall not therefore apply being the rest of terms and conditions administrative applicable.


You may not assign any of your rights or obligations described under these terms and administrative conditions without the prior consent in written document by VIATGES MARIANNE TOURS S.L. however, VIATGES MARIANNE TOURS S.L is able to transfer any of your rights or obligations under these terms and administrative conditions without your prior written consent.


VIATGES MARIANNE TOURS S.L. complies with the law of protection of data current for the protection and safeguarding of your privacy and security. All personal data collected will be processed in accordance with our privacy policy and following the current laws on the matter. VIATGES MARIANNE TOURS S.L. can provide a copy of its privacy policy to customers who request it by written email or as well this can be found at their website www.mariannetours.com.


These terms and administrative conditions and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with them (including non-contractual claims or disputes) shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with Spanish legislation. Disputes or claims arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions (including non-contractual claims or disputes) administrative will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Spanish courts.


If the passenger suffers a delay to the scheduled time of arrival of your flight, MARIANNETOURS will do its utmost to provide service giving a maximum time of 30 minutes; it is possible that in rare occasions the passenger might have to wait until the next service from the exit of the airport, since not always MARIANNE TOURS has services available.

In the event that the passenger suffers a change of time of arrival or your flight, MARIANNE TOURS will do its utmost to provide service although this may involve an extra expense for the passenger.


In a case of emergency if the passenger does not contact MARIANNE TOURS emergency phone 24/7 (0034) 651 841 093, MARIANNE TOURS will decline and renounce any responsibility for additional costs which may be incurred by the passenger.